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We are a collaborative of institutions and organizations committed to promoting positive youth outcomes and reducing risk. Our work is predicated on the fact that the most effective tools we have at our disposal are the important individuals in young peoples’ lives and the conversations that sustain and nurture those relationships. We are committed to inspiring and cataloging one million such meaningful conversations by 2020. We invite you to join the conversation!

Triple Threat

By Stephen Gray Wallace COVID-19 has wrought so many unforeseen consequences for youth mental health that it’s almost ...
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The Long Arc of Misery

By Stephen Gray Wallace. Why resiliency is key for kids during, and after, the pandemic These days, it ...
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New Report Finds Positive Trends in Youth Substance Use – Young people are using drugs less often, but mental health remains a concern.

By Stephen Gray Wallace, featured in Psychology Today Since 1986, educators and public health proponents have used social norming ...
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The Crisis of Youth Mental Health – The thoughts won’t stop, help me.

By Stephen Gray Wallace, featured in Psychology Today. In those six words, scribbled in his notebook next to ...
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