Welcome to CARE

We are a collaborative of institutions and organizations committed to promoting positive youth outcomes and reducing risk. Our work is predicated on the fact that the most effective tools we have at our disposal are the important individuals in young peoples’ lives and the conversations that sustain and nurture those relationships. We are committed to inspiring and cataloging one million such meaningful conversations by 2020. We invite you to join the conversation!

Parenting Teens for Positive Risks and Resiliency

With the passing of Independence Day, summer finally seems full-on. That means changes of all kinds, including parenting. When ...
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A Time to Talk: Communicating with Campers

When I was a young, first-year staff member at camp, two orientation speakers left me with distinct lessons ...
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How to Run a Teen Program at a Summer Camp Wary of Teenagers

Some camps welcome teens, but others do not — perhaps because they find normative adolescent behaviors intolerable. Why ...
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Unprepared: Why Kids Are Anxious, Lonely, and Depressed

For many young people, the world seems to be crashing around them. It is a phenomenon years in ...
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